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THINK LIKE A PLANNER (sm) for CFP (R) Exam Success

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When you use the Keir CFP® Certification Examination Review materials, you will be trained not only for the CFP®  Board exam, but for your career.  The CFP® Board exam is designed to test whether you are ready to use the financial planning process and to think through the issues like a financial planner.  You must learn to THINK LIKE A PLANNERSM.  The Keir Educational Resources materials teach you to use the technical knowledge you have learned and to solve financial planning issues in the organized manner of the financial planning process.

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The CFP Board’s Next Goal? 81,000 Certified Financial Planners by 2017

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Since 2007, the number of Certified Financial Planners has grown by 25%. That brings the current total of CFPs to 69,000. While the CFP Board is very happy with that significant growth, it doesn’t mean they want to stop. On the contrary, they want to capitalize on the momentum by increasing the total number of CFPs to 81,000 over the next three years. That will result in an additional growth of about 17%. Continue reading