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CFP® THINK LIKE A PLANNER(sm) Talking points

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The THINK LIKE A PLANNERSM Method is a unique study plan developed by Keir Educational Resources to prepare students for the array of questions that can appear on the CFP® exam. This approach does not just prepare students for exam questions that have appeared in the past but gives students the thought processes that will allow them to succeed as the exam changes and new questions appear.  The CFP® exam is constantly changing, so it is important for students to learn the method that will prepare them for the many transformations of questions and the multifarious reincarnations of concepts. The exam preparation of the THINK LIKE A PLANNERSM Method will make students ready for whatever may come their way on the test.



The exam is structured to test your knowledge of the 8 areas of financial planning, but to also test your understanding of the application of this knowledge.  Our method with help you understand what the CFP® Board is striving to test you on, and also how to apply your knowledge to the clients you will be interacting with.



Having employees complete this method of study will help them transition from educational knowledge to practice knowledge.  It is one thing to have the technical skill to pass an exam, and another to apply that knowledge to real life clients.  Our method will make the transitional period smoother, making the rep more confident in their planning capacity, which leads to client retention and larger client asset share.



We are giving your employees the tools to prepare them to successfully complete the CFP® exam.  The more prepared a candidate is for the rigors of the CFP®, the more likely they are to have success on their first attempt, saving your firm money on re-take fees.  This new method of study will help them transition from student to planner.


With Keir’s THINK LIKE A PLANNERSM study program, students preparing for the CFP® Certification Exam will learn the thought process needed to ace the exam and thrive in the world of certified financial planners. Contact us today for more details.

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