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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Why Studying in Your Learning Style is Beneficial

Student preparing for the exams

Have you ever sat down to study for an upcoming exam and felt utterly overwhelmed?  You’ve read a paragraph three or four times and it still doesn’t make sense?  Heard a lecture and thought this is a great way to remember this concept, but later that night you can’t remember what was said?  That’s because you didn’t receive the information in a format that fits how you learn and retain information.


If you are a visual learner, you will have a tough time sitting down to read material and retain it.  You will find it easier to receive and retain information in pictures, colors, and charts.  Do you find yourself choosing the print icon when printing a document, versus using the keyboard or drop-down menu?   You will know this is your learning style if you find yourself grouping information in your notes or using color to differentiate thoughts.  Look for study choices that offer visual depictions of the material.


Maybe you are not a visual learner, but you can recall information you have heard?  Maybe you have you read a book, or article you found interesting but could not recall the details to tell someone about it a day later, but can remember a presentation from last year, or something you heard on the news?  When reading for pleasure or getting the news, do you choose an audio book or TV versus the newspaper (or online)? Finding study material with an auditory delivery will help you; look for MP3s or online lectures.


You could be the third type of learner, tactile.  Do you find you have a hard time sitting still while you study or find yourself thinking of your to do list in the middle of a paragraph (which you’ll need to read again!)? Can you assemble an item without needing to look at the directions?  If you fall into this category, you will want to find material that is more interactive, or take frequent short breaks while studying.   You may find switching between computer questions, flashcards and reading, helpful to stay engaged in the material.


You could be a combination of two or three learning styles!  Whatever your study style, Keir has you covered for the CFP® Exam!  We integrate your studying style into our THINK LIKE A PLANNER® study method to give you the most well-rounded review that will also help you in your career.


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