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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Survivor Benefits: Why Clients Need Advisors to Help

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Several years ago, the Social Security Administration removed a calculator from their website. The calculator that they removed had allowed people to determine how many years it would take to earn back benefits foregone by waiting to retire at a higher benefit rate. The reason the SSA removed this calculator is because it was causing a large number of people to take earlier retirement at a lower benefit.

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What Should Financial Advisors Focus on During the Rest of 2015?

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As 2015 moves towards its final quarter, financial advisors still have time to ensure they end the year in an optimal position. For trained financial advisors who want to expand their business, there are several key areas that should be prioritized for the remainder of the year. The areas where certified financial planners should focus their attention during the next four months are:

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Getting More Clients – The Strategies That Actually Work

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Most financial advisors are interested in getting more clients. However, as the majority of financial planning professionals have learned from first-hand experience, not all clients are created equal. Since quality of clients is just as important as quantity, that’s something trained financial advisors need to take into account when they’re evaluating potential marketing strategies for the purpose of getting more clients.

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Time Saving Strategies for Financial Advisors


When financial advisors want to get more done, their first instinct is often to put in more hours. Although that can provide a short-term productivity boost, it’s not a sustainable strategy for being as efficient as possible as a financial planning professional. Not only have multiple studies confirmed that professionals can only focus on work for so many hours a week before seeing a significant reduction in efficiency, but sacrificing things like getting enough sleep each night can lead to long-term health issues.

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