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Monthly Archives: December 2014

5 Proven Tips to Close Larger Sales


When financial advisors look at their peers, it’s common for them to wonder why there can be such a large success gap between advisors who appear to have comparable skill levels. If you’ve wondered about this issue as well, the answer generally comes down to how good a financial advisor is at selling themselves. Because advisors all offer services that clients need, the big differentiator comes down to how individual advisors present themselves to potential clients.

If you’re at a point in your own business where you’re ready to move to the next level, here are five things you can do to increase the size of client sales that you’re able to close: Continue reading

Creative Ways for Financial Advisors to Acquire Clients in 2015

money tree grow up in new year

If your main goal for 2015 is to grow your business, you already know that you need to acquire more clients. However, as many financial advisors have learned the hard way, not all clients are created equal. So while you do want to acquire more clients, that doesn’t mean you should only focus on quantity. Instead, your focus for 2015 should be on acquiring the right clients. By taking the time to identify your ideal client profile, you’ll be able to pursue clients who have the ability to help your business really thrive over the long-term.

Since your focus is going to be on acquiring a new type of client, it probably doesn’t make sense to rely on the same acquisition methods you’ve always used. In order to secure great clients, you need to get creative with how you connect with them. To help kick off your efforts, here are four creative ways to land excellent clients in 2015: Continue reading

What Retirement Roadblocks Do Women Face?

Smart senior businesswoman

Over the last few decades, the likelihood of a woman being a key financial contributor or even main breadwinner has significantly increased. While women are achieving more educational and professional success than ever before, there’s still a major obstacle for them to overcome.

Although women are earning more, many are still struggling to save enough for retirement. According to research done by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, only 29% of women prioritize saving for retirement. While plenty of men also fail to adequately prepare for retirement, what makes this research so interesting is the most common retirement roadblocks for women are different than they are for men. Continue reading

What Should You Do After You Sell Your Business?

Handsome businessman with eyeglasses working from home

Selling your business is a big milestone. And while you deserve to feel a big sense of accomplishment, many business owners quickly feel overwhelmed by the question of what’s next?

Even though countless people fantasize about the type of freedom that selling a business can provide, the reality is this sense of freedom can come with a lot of anxiety. For someone who has been used to following the same routine for years, not having a clearly defined role can feel very stressful. Continue reading