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Monthly Archives: November 2014

How Can You Influence Your Clients’ Behavior to Plan for Retirement?

How Can You Influence Clients' Behavior to Plan for Retirement?

Advances in technology, economic turmoil and significant medical progress are the three main factors that have expanded the role of financial advisors over the last ten years. Modern advisors are not only responsible for helping clients navigate the financial challenges that go along with living longer, but they also have to deal with the anxiety many clients experience about this new reality. On top of that, advisors have to find ways to deal with the sometimes irrational attitudes and approaches clients come up with for their future. Continue reading

Overlooked Concerns of Generation X: How to Attract New Clients From This Generation

Overlooked Concerns of Generation X: How to Attract New Clients From This Generation

If you’re like most financial advisors, you likely devote some of your working hours towards finding ways to help your business grow. While current clients and their referrals are crucial for a successful business, it’s also important to have a pipeline of potential new clients. During your research into the best ways to market your business, you’ve likely come across a lot of information about attracting millennials and Baby Boomers. Throughout the financial services world, both of these groups have received a lot of attention as prime candidates to bring in as new clients. Continue reading

What Skills Do Exceptional Financial Planners Possess?

What Skills Do Exceptional Planners Possess?

Most people who have spent any amount of time working as a financial planner have discovered that succeeding in this field is about much more than book smarts. While having a strong foundation is definitely important, that’s just one trait that advisors need to bring to the table in order to find real success. Continue reading

How Smart Financial Firm Hiring Can Keep Client Data Safe

How Smart Hiring Can Keep Client Data Safe

Security is an issue that financial firm leaders need to take very seriously. One important component of taking this issue seriously is keeping every member of the firm on the same page. It’s important for everyone in the firm to understand the correct procedure for dispensing sensitive client information in a manner that enables responsiveness but not nosiness. Continue reading