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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Thinking About Becoming a Stockbroker? Find Out the Realities of This Job

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The terms securities broker, financial advisor, financial consultant and stockbroker are all commonly used to refer to a professional who is a registered representative. The role of a registered representative is to place trades through their firm on behalf of customers. The rep is then paid commissions based on the trades they place. Continue reading

What Does It Take to Balance a Job and Studying for a FINRA Exam?

Keir RIA

Although high school and college may have seemed quite challenging as you were going through them, when you look back on them later in life, you realize how much time you actually had available. Even if you had a job during one or both of those periods, chances are you had more than enough time to take care of studying and then have plenty of fun. Continue reading

Considering a Career as a Registered Investment Advisor? Learn More About This Job and Its Requirements

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If someone wants to provide financial advice to clients or manage assets, there are two main ways they can approach this type of career. The first is to seek a job as a stockbroker. That approach requires first landing a job with a firm that will sponsor the person to take the Series 7 exam. Since we’ve previously covered that topic, we’re going to focus on the second approach today. Continue reading

If You Want to Improve Your Career, You Need to Know How to Network


It’s no secret that the current job market is extremely competitive. Even for industries that are experiencing growth, trying to land a job means you’re going up against lots of very qualified people. As a result, it’s crucial to give yourself any edge possible. Networking is one skill that can help you stand out from everyone else. Continue reading